Valley Sign’s Mission Statement

Valley Signs and Lighting Inc.’s mission is to help our customers create their brand and image through custom signs and graphics, while providing quality product and service.

 We will achieve these goals by…

  • Providing high quality by utilizing good quality materials and experience craftsmen
  • Showing passion and pride in what we do and providing nothing less than exceptional service to our customers
  • Provide employees with a stable and desirable workplace
  • Create genuine, trusting, and collaborative relationships that benefit our customers and Valley Signs alike
  • Achieve this mission profitably , allowing our clients, employees, suppliers, and community to benefit from our continued growth


Please let us know what you think about our new mission statement and how we could further approve our business. Thank you

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Updates on previous projects

This first project with an update is The Stripper Bar in The Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino . They Changed the name to Show Girl Bar and we changed the neon. Pictures below



Next is the Day and Night project for the World Market Center made with Channel letters and back lit with different color LED’s.



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Freddy’s pictures update

We are working diligently to finish the Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers sign . Here are some updated pictures of the status of the project. The Letters are made out of sheet metal and are going to be painted black. The sign is going to have red plex faces that are trim capped black and a white vinyl overlay on the Y to say ” Frozen Custard and SteakBurgers. More pictures to follow when work is completed




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Freddy’s Update

Updated Freddy’s Pictures we are now currently putting mounting tape on the back of them that helps us when we are installing the signs They are already shaped with sheet metal and painted white and still being prepared to be installed by putting in LED’s and finished.

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More updates on Stella’s @ Aria Cyrstals Mall

Stella McCartney’s Store Stella’s At Aria Cyrstals Mall Las Vegas Nevada

Update : Still not finished but getting close ! :) Here are updated pictures


S and T

T Neon

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Stella McCartney @ Aria Crystals Mall

Today we are currently working on a sign for The Stella McCartney Store in the Aria Crystals Mall.Will Update with pictures when complete.S Hearts with lights


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