Ilori Prints in Fashion Show Mall completed

Here are pictures of the stunning digital prints we just printed for the Ilori store in the Fashion Show mall . They sent us the pictures we rearranged them and made them fit to be printed and printed them :)

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Stella McCartney Sign @ Cyrstals Mall in Aria

Stell McCartney sign @ Crystals mall in Aria Las Vegas , Nevada

Finished sign

Stell McCartney Sign

Stella Sign made on a stand that can be taken apart and moved. Each Letter was made indiviaully. The S is made with Channel letter and blinking little lights all aorund the letter. The T was made with channel letter and neon . The two L’s were made of channel letters and filled with LED’s and the A was also a channel letter filled with LED’s. The hearts were made channel letter and surronded with blinking lights and fillled with different color neon hearts .

This was a custom made sign for Stella McCartney for her store in the Crystals Mall in Aria in Las Vegas Nevada.

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